Director Chris Cunningham’s work in music video, commercial, and video art are well known and loved.
Cunningham first made a name for himself in the early 90’s in the art departments of major motion
pictures, designing robots and creatures for Clive Barker and David Fincher.
His work on Judge Dredd propelled him, in
1995, to work with the late Stanley Kubrick on his then-unfinished project A.I. (which was picked up by Speilberg).

While working with Kubrick, Cunningham directed his first music video, Autechre’s Second Bad Vilbel. What
followed was a series of videos with various
alternative English rock bands where Cunningham learned the ropes of filmmaking.

In 1997 Chris Cunningham directed the orgiastic mind-fuck known as Come to Daddy, a video which landed him squarely on the radar of every artist on the planet. Over the next two years Cunningham directed six videos and seven commercials, each with their own brand of genius.

In 2000 Cunningham directed two short films for the Anthony D’Offay Gallery titled flex and Monkey Drummer. Those works showed a very modern and hyper-realistic take on the world.

In 2005 Cunningham released Rubber Johnny, a six-minute short that showed just how disturbing a vision Chris has. It came released with a book whose photos are definitely unsafe for work.

Since then, the Englishman has helmed a video for garage rock band the Horrors. He also famously attempted an adaptation of William Gibson’s cyberpunk novel Neuromancer, as well as an adaptation of the comic RanXerox. He is reportedly currently working on one or more feature films. Technology is always a factor with computers and servers repairs we use LG Networks