Important Notes On The New Update In Progress Of this Site ( … This Domain has been (as mentioned on the new temporary homepage) taken over by Oli Goldsmith. My intentions for the site are to follow up on the amazing work historically created for this domain by Kevin Holy – who deserves massive credit for his amazing and passionate archival work in documenting these visionary artisits.

As I discovered the treasure trove of fantastic articles, content and research compiled over the course of several years by Kevin Holy – along with the topics and subjects of the original domain, I have grown excited about the prospect of both resurrecting as much of that past content as I am able (which thanks to Kevin Holy’s admirable decision to publish the content under a creative commons license I believe is something he – and hopefully i can get in touch with you Kevin! that would be to your liking). I also have begun work on building much on previous content with additional information and updates on both Chris Cunningham and Michel Gondry’s work since, as well as expanding the scope of the site to include other innovative artists, video directors and animators producing innovative work.

For this time being – below is the original credits page content from the original site. As I work (through some digital archeology;)at pulling together pas information for the site some pages like below may not be quite so pretty or slick for the time being. My first goal is to get some of the new content i have prepared up and the past content from pieced back together, at which point I will work towards updating and refining that resurrected data (most of which dates up to approx 2006).

I hope to do the site justice and am excited to bring my own vision and passion to carry on where Kevin Holy and others involved (see below) left off!

Oli Goldsmith, 2012

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